Emma Jaynes

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In a world where we are constantly having to adapt within a fast paced environment and the ever increasing demands of 21st century living, the challenges faced are demanding for both men and women, in different ways, and from different perspectives. We are often forced to portray a ‘front’ which bears less and less┬áresemblance to our ‘authentic self’, to the extent that we can sometimes reach a point where we feel ‘lost’ or ‘stuck’ in our lives.

When we reach this point, we can choose to restore, or to create our identity in the way in which we are reflecting our true self, both within and without. We call this ‘being congruent’, and when this conflict is resolved and congruence restored, we feel calm, resilient and balanced in all areas of our lives.

What do I do?

I enable my clients to recover from setbacks in life and to get back on track through helping them to build resilience, which is a gentle way of saying recover their full mental, emotional and physical health. I help them to regain and retain internal calm, so that they can begin to create balance and harmony within their work, life, study and homes.

EJ at posterHow do I do it?

I start by listening to your current story. Together, we will see how the needs within the five elements of your life (Physical, Social, Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual) are being met. We will go on to discover what you want for your life, and then begin to set step by step focuses for each session, working towards your dreams and aspirations. We will revisit your past story if necessary and repackage anything which needs a bit of tidying up. You will then get clear on your present story and focused on the story which tells the empowered journey of your future dreams and aspirations. We will look at the ways in which you can draw on your own resources and intuition, to build resilience, thus encouraging self-empowerment and forwards momentum.

EJ teaching poster 2Which techniques?

In delivering my programs and my individual coaching, I may teach a wide variety of topics and approaches, all of which enable my clients to develop healthier relationships with themselves and others. I utilise the principles of Peer Support within all of my work and enable my clients to draw upon their strengths and successes in order to re-frame a more empowering story and life pattern.

My Background

As well as having been a senior manager in the Voluntary Sector, running my own businesses and in the NHS, I have set up and run Peer Support programmess in the community.

I am particularly passionate about helping those suffering from Addictions and Abuse to recover and integrate even more successfully in their community.

All of my work is underpinned by my qualifications in Peer Support, Recovery Coaching, Motivational Interviewing, Counselling, Psychology, as well as my experience in programme facilitation and training and research.